A Snail Writes to Mother

A short linear game about snails in the rain, and writing to your mother.

Play in your browser. Use arrow keys to move around and to advance text.

Made for #bitsyjam 23.

Music by Treebait Consortium.


This game was made in bitsy, a game editor made by Adam Le Doux

It makes use of the following bitsy-hacks by Sean LeBlanc:

I used mark wonnacott's bitsy-audio tool.
And colour hacks as described by andimlenny.

Also ayolland's bitsy variables: a tutorial was useful.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorEldridge Misnomer
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, linear, Narrative


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The story of returning snails was amazing! Snails, so mundane, so mysterious.


I know, right, absolutely inscrutable!
(thank you :))

Such a cool, mysterious-feeling game! (But I love the playfulness of the line about the bones haha)

I tried to hit a number of different tones and wondered if the bones line was one too far, glad it tickled someone.

this is lovely, captures a mood and a memory so well

Thank you! :)

this is so coool


Aww, thanks :)

Such a calming aesthetic. Beside that, I liked how memory's a big part of it.
(And it's nice to see a different plot involving a mother in action. Nice.)

Oh, thanks a bunch :)


A lovely little game.Brings back memories. Thank you.

Oh, that's super cool!
Thanks for sharing the photos, glad I'm not the only one :D