A downloadable Horse Betting Sim for Windows and macOS

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What's it like to stumble into a traditional English Bookies with last-night's beer still on your breath, scratch your chin and scribble some numbers, shuffle little pieces of paper around, and lose your weekly payslip on a sure-fire bet: Crimson Whisper in the 11:32 at Chipstow?

I have no idea, but this game is my uninformed best guess.

Gambling Simulator

Play the odds, empty your wallet, wait for the results to come in. Maybe you'll make enough to bet again; maybe not; maybe, in the end, you'll still have enough for a bitter lemon down the local.


  • Dozens of Racetracks, Hundreds of Jockeys, Thousands of Horses!
  • High Intensity Betting!
  • Meteorologic Simulation!
  • Horse Genealogies!
  • Trainer Quirks!
  • More Stats Than You Can Shake A Stick At!
  • Real Video Footage Of Actual Horses!
  • Retro CRT!
  • Tooltips!
  • Suspense! Drama! Cash!
  • Luxuriously Squalid 3D Soundscape!

Whether you're looking for the next 'Spreadsheet: The Game', or you're yearning for a new Grand Strategy, but without all the exciting or historical bits, this might just be the Bookmakers Simulator for you.


Although I include a Mac build, I have no way of testing that build and so do not promise that it'll work.


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Ultimate Horse Better II - Windows 32-Bit - v1.0 49 MB
Ultimate Horse Better II - Windows 64-Bit - v1.0 46 MB
Ultimate Horse Better II - Mac OS X - v1.0 50 MB

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